The List of Taxi Companies in Bali

When the tourists who were vacationing in Bali and want to use taxi services in Bali, you should pay close attention to the characteristics of the taxi. Probably a time when you need information about items left behind in the taxi. There are several taxi companies that are well known by the local people of Bali.

The list of taxi companies in Bali

Ngurah Rai Taxi
Jl. BP Ngurah Rai Pesangaran Dps
(+62)361 724724
Komotra Bali
Jl. Imam Bonjol Denpasar
(+62)361 499449

Jimbaran Taxi
Bukit Permai Kel. Jimbaran Badung
(+62)361 709801
Sentral Parkir BTDC Nusa Dua
(+62)361 773030
Blue Bird Taxi-Jimbaran
Jl. BP Ngurah Rai No. 4 Jimbaran
(+62)361 701111
Blue Bird Taxi-Sesetan
Jl. Raya Sesetan No. 214
(+62)361 728200
Wahana Dharma Taksi
Jl. Pulai Kawae No. 32A Dps
(+62)361 244555

How to Get a Taxi at The Monopolized Place In Bali

How to Get a Taxi at The Monopolized Place In Bali

 To get a taxi in Bali exactly easy bother. There are places where all the taxis can not pick up passengers. For example, in the Airport. Due to the current airport taxi from the airport is still monopolizing transportation  to a destination outside the airport. 

In some places and hotels also have to apply the system of monopoly, taxi from outside may not take passenger in place or hotel. However, usually the place / hotel still allowing his guest ride taxi from outside as long calls by phone directly to taxi operator intended. So they will know if the taxi who came  would take the guest with show the guest data to be retrieved

Besides, there are also several places that implement the monopoly by placing the words "TAXI DROP  ONLY". There are two rules that apply in a place like this. 

1. Can take but must order.
2. Really can not take.

Why did they do that and prohibit taxis from outside to pick up passenger ?
Does this not violate the passenger freedom to choose the desired taxi?

These are two main reasons why they do it.

1.Transportation is available in place / hotel.

2.The second is due to competition. They do not want to land his job taken by outsiders, although sometimes violate the rules. So they do "tricks" like that.

If you need more options and looking for desired taxi when you are on the place as I have mentioned like above, it means you are in the right place because I will give  you several tips here that will help during stay in Bali.

A. At the Airport

* If you do not bring a lot of stuff, you can walk +/- 200 meters toward the airport exit gate.There, you can hail a taxi that you want  freely or it could be  at a ticket gate when you came out of the airport, you look there are taxis on the queue was paying ticket, you can  ride the taxi directly there.(Usually the taxi driver will immediately offer his services when he sees them in the surrounding passengers).

"Yes you need taxi sir ?!"

* You can  call  the taxi driver that you know to pick up directly. This sort of thing is usually done for those who are used to Bali. It will not cause conflict between taxi drivers because they (picked) are already familiar with their guest.

* Write on a small paper, example: " I need a taxi, call me immediately, I wait in 1-2 minutes " and quickly give the paper to the taxi driver who happened to dropping the guest or there is taxi passing by in the airport area. If there is confirmation from driver then the driver will guide you to the pick-up  place.

B. At the Hotel

* You can ask to hotel receptionist to telephone a taxi  you the intention although in the hotel provided the transport implement.
Remembered, this was your right to free chose !

* You can call by phone  the taxi operator directly  to pick you up. Don't forget for confirmation to the hotel receptionist to contact you when taxi has come. In several cases of the receptionist did not want informed taxi has come on the basis of the guest not confirmation to him.

3. At The Place in Monopolized (Taxi Drop Only)
1. Can take but must order.
We can book a taxi operator who is required and then wait for a taxi orders come to pick up.
2. Really can not take.
You can work around this with a move away from their observations and then look for or contact your intended taxi operator when you are in a place like this.
Those are several tips of getting the taxi in the place was monopolized in Bali. We think of things like above is a challenge for you because each area will have different rules and regulations. I hope the rule of transportation can be applied in the future here.

Taxi Driver, Your Body Odor Very Annoying!

Taxi bali blog

 Blue Bird taxis safely, comfortable and does not smelly. Commented one of the beautiful artist Indonesia. Some of the business woman if they are lazy traveling by personal vehicles. Its reason Blue Bird Taxi unlike other taxi. One of the added value that Blue Bird Taxi is a fragrant fleet so as to provide comfort that allows them to relax in a taxi during the trip.
So do not let little things ruin it the added value is. Body odor ("BO") that smells nose guests who sat in the back seat or front seat is not comfortable and do not hesitate to send a complaint to the Customer Response Center (C R C). Not only is it the image of the Blue Bird may fall and lose loyal customers just because the smell of body odor driver.
The cause of the driver's body odor, there are two possibilities, namely the first possibility of the driver's body odor and the possibility of a second is from the clothes he was wearing.

As a taxi which prioritizes quality service, taxi drivers should be able to keep them fragrance to keep it stay fresh and fragrant. So the driver' body odor does not interfere with passenger comfort in the cab.

Let us take a peek at a glance what causes body odor and how to overcome them.

The cause of body odor :

* Lack of body hygiene.

* The rest of sweat does not evaporate and attached to the body.

* Foods high in calories (fat, high protein), it stimulates excessive sweating perspiration that can cause odor.

* The tension that trigger negative emotions (anxiety, restlessness, stress, and anger) will lead to the sweat glands and sharpens his scent is not pleasant.

* Wearing clothes wet / dry yet.

Tips of body odor prevention :

* Clean your body regularly.
  *Always wearing clean clothes.
* Eating the right foods and beverages.

* Always keep the environment cleaner of any smell unpleasant odor.

* Taxi terminal should be always clean and comfortable.

Now we already know the cause and how to cope with "BO". Hopefully this article can help all the taxi drivers always to keep the cleanliness of their body so that passengers feel comfortable. That way we will get many benefits from it. It can also bring its own benefits like customer will provide enough tipping to taxi driver situation is fragrant and clean. In fact, the impression will be difficult to forget that eventually they will request to use his services again.

Taxi Fare From The Ngurah Rai Airport Bali

Estimated cost of the taximeter from Ngurah Rai Airport

Taxi Meter

However, these rates are not absolute rates of the airport because the airport taxi in the airport there is a monopoly of transportation so they have a separate price list.

From To Cost
Ngurah Rai Airport
Kuta Square IDR.17000,-
Legian IDR.25000,-
Seminyak IDR.35000,-
Kerobokan IDR.65000,-
Canggu(Canggu Club) IDR.70000,-
Tanah Lot IDR.130000,-
Denpasar IDR.70000,-
Benoa Harbour IDR.50000,-
Sanur(Grand Bali Beach) IDR.75000,-
Sukawati IDR.125000,-
Ubud IDR.185000,-
Bedugul IDR.210000,-
Nusa Dua IDR.70000,-
Nikko Hotel IDR.80000,-
Tanjung Benoa IDR.80000,-
Jimbaran Seafood Area IDR.45000,-
Garuda Wisnu Kencana IDR.65000,-
Dream Land IDR.75000,-
Padang-padang Beach IDR.90000,-
Uluwatu Temple IDR.100000,-

This is the estimate of taxi cost from Ngurah Rai Airport.
If you want to get price as above you need to ride taximeter from outside the airport and to get the taximeter in the airport you must have a trick. 
I accidentally created a table like this to be more easily understood. In the future maybe I'll make 18 more like this post above. I hope this is useful to you during your stay in Bali.

Why Do Society Suggest The Blue Bird Taxi Service?

  As we know, the international society has recognized the existence of taxis as a mode of transportation compared to other transportation modes. Almost in every country there is such thing as modes of transportation.
Bali as a tourist destination in the world should be supported by means of transport especially taxis are comfortable and reliable.

Many visitors of Bali who use taxi transport and they do not know which one should they choose. So how to get a recommended taxi in Bali??

There are many taxi companies in Bali, but for all the new tourists coming to Bali will be hoping to obtain a comfortable taxi service. There are many taxis that similar one other now. To decide which ones are trustworthy Is also no less important.

They want to get a clean taxi with a driver who knows the destination, the driver polite and friendly, also not speeding in driving, delivered to the destination, the driver is not body odor. All of that will make them comfortable on the way.

There is a way to stop the cab alongside a road:

*Standing alongside a road.

*Wave your hand to the taxi.

*There is a taxi offered his service.

Is it quite easy, is not it?

So how to get a taxi that was recommending a lot of people here and why they also recommend it?

In my previous post suggests visitors of use taxis primarily Blue Bird Group Taxi, why??

These are some reasons why I recommend bluebird taxi group:

1. Bluebird Group Taxi is a reliable taxi company in Bali.

2. Always followup on customer complaints.

3. A lot of items left in taxis easy to trace.

4. Excellent human resources, polite and friendly.

5. Customer satisfaction in priority.

6. Always use the meter as a measuring device so that the passenger cost will not be difficult to determine the price.

7. There are strict sanctions on any breach of the company that made all driver.

8. The purpose near and far still served.

9. Easily encountered in almost all regions in Bali.

That is the common things why I recommend them In another post I will try to share experiences about how the estimated cost of a taxi to a place of destination. Be sure also to ask friends and family to find out about the overall value of the company ones. That is about taxi recommended by most people here.